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Redrock Micro Ultracage Cinema Eos C300 / C100 Mk II

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- Form-fitting cage including side arms and top plate

- Redrock custom machined Double-Tap camera plate upgrade

- Top 1/4" mounting screw & C100 MKII mounting block

- 1/4" and 3/8" camera mounting screws

- Works with both EOS and PL EOS MK II versions


When Canon made the decision to enter the digital cinema camera market, they turned to Redrock to deliver the support gear they knew would make the grade for features, quality, and affordability.

The latest ultraCage Black Professional Series is the support cage designed for the Canon EOS Cinema C100 MK II and C300 MK II digital cinema cameras, and has been called the essential accessory for transforming these great cameras into phenomenal production powerhouses.

The ultraCage delivers all the needed features for stability, accessory support, security, and modularity to fulfil the promise of the EOS MK II cameras. As with all Redrock products, the ultraCage delivers professional quality and features at revolutionary prices.

The ultraCage is lightweight and form-fitting. It is completely unobtrusive. All camera displays, buttons, and doors can be accessed without interference.

Like all Redrock ultraCages, the EOS MK II cage is able to be configured into a variety of rigs including shoulder, handheld, and studio configurations.

Among its many unique features is the ability to add the powerPack and create an advanced powered cage that powers not only the EOS MK II cameras, but up to 2 additional camera-top accessories such as monitor, wireless follow focus, external audio or video recorders.

The ultraCage Black Professional Series is constructed of precision-machined aluminium and designed and made in the USA.

The ultraCage Black Professional Series for EOS MK II cameras includes:
ultraCage baseplate designed for the Canon EOS C100 MK II and C300 MK II digital video camera

Buying Guide:
The ultraCage Black Professional Series for the Canon EOS C100 MK II and EOS C300 MK II is the foundation for any EOS MK II rig

For handheld, the ultraCage can be outfitted with Redrock handgrips, handlebar, and shoulder pad, or you can check out one of the pre-configured rigs based on the ultraCage.


Professional Power:

By adding the redrock powerPack onto your ultraCage Black Professional Series, you add the ability to not only power your EOS MK II camera from an external battery, but also add dual regulated 12V ports for other camera-top necessities including monitor, remote focus, and audio or video recorders.


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