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Redrock Micro Ultracage Shoe Adapter For C100 Acc Handle

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What's Included:

  • 1 ultraCage Shoe Adapter
  • Installation hardwareWeight:  28g 
  • Please Note: This is an add-on accessory for the ultraCage system and requires an ultraCage to mount to.

Expand your ultraCage accessory configuration capabilities with the ultraCage Shoe Adapter. The Shoe Adapter attaches to the top of the front ultraCage or rear ultraCage chassis and enables shoe-mounted accessories to attach to the ultraCage. Made of precision-machined aluminium the ultraCage Shoe Adapter screw tightly into the top of the cage for rock-solid support.  The ultraCage Shoe Adapter's most popular use is with the ultraCage C100 to mount the C100 Handle Unit for audio.


Can I use this to attach my C100 camera top handle to the ultraCage?

Yes, this is the perfect accessory to attach your C100 handle safely and securely to the ultraCage, and enjoy the benefits of both the C100's built-in audio and the stability and security of the ultraCage.

Can I use this to attach my C300 camera top handle to the ultraCage?

Yes it works in an identical fashion to the C100 camera top handle. However, since the C300 also includes the display, you might consider using a microMount with cold shoe spud for more flexible monitor placement. 

Can I attach other accessories using the ultraCage shoe adapter?

Yes, this can be used to attach any shoe-mounted accessory to your ultraCage camera rig. This is a cold shoe mount, so it does not supply any power to accessories.

Please note: This accessory works for C100 handle version only


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