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Ricoh CA-1 Electronic Cable Release

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  • GR/GX/CX/GXR Series Cameras
  • Supports Half- & Full-Push Operations
  • 23.6" Cable
  • Useful for Macro Photography
  • Eliminates Camera Shake

The Ricoh CA-1 Cable Release allows you to take shots without touching your camera, which is useful for macro photography, long exposures, and other applications for which any tiny degree of camera shake can spell ruin for a photo. The CA-1 ensures a blur-free image every time.

The 23.6"-long cable supports full-push and half-push operations, just like the camera body's shutter release. The CA-1 Cable Switch is compatible with the following Ricoh digital camera models: GR Digital III, GR Digital II, GR Digital, GX200, GX100, GXR, CX4, CX3, CX2, CX1, and GX8.


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