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Rodenstock eShutter

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Category: Photography-Medium-&-Large-Format-Accessories-Lens-Shutters, rodenstock

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Rodenstock e-Shutter - the revolutionary electronic shutter solution sets new standards in modern high-end photography. Integrated microprocessor controls guarantee the highest precision when working with a view camera and they provide fast shutter speeds of up to 1/250 second. A unique feature is the application of 7-blade technology that results in nearly circular aperture openings. The use of state-of-the-art components and electronics makes the compact and light weight construction possible that permits the assembly on different camera platforms.

The Rodenstock eShutter is completely integrated into the Sinar System and in addition, thanks to its open architecture, it can also be used with any other system. The before mentioned construction permits unrestricted conversions of existing lenses size “0” and provides an attractive entry into the Sinar eShutter system.

Controlling and operating the Rodenstock eShutter takes place in a regular manner on a Macintosh or a PC via a USB interface. What is completely new is the intuitive operation by means of up-to-date and widely used communication tools such as the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: Trendy technologies that not only stand for innovation, but also for reliable and efficient working methods.

Digital Characteristics
Fastest shutter speed
Shutter size
Aperture increments
Lifetime shutter actuations
Exposure sequence rates
Flash synchronization
Power supply in the studio
Voltage input for the external
power unit
Outdoor power supply
Battery recharging time
Operation time on battery
Shutter control
Operating temperatures
Dimensions and weight
Rodenstock eShutter
1/250 sec
size 0
1/6 f-stops
Max. 1.5 exposures per second
X contact, early, late flash, M signal (Sinar), Wake-up Mode sensor
External power unit
100V - 240V
Battery operation
3 hours
8 hours
Computer Mac / PC, iPhone, iTouch oder iPad
USB 1/2/3
0 – 45 °C / 32 – 113 °F
76 mm diameter, 17 mm thickness, weight 200 g


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