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Rodenstock Sironar 45mm Lens

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Category: Photography-Lenses-Large-Format-Lenses, rodenstock, Valuable Extra: Lens Valuable Extras Package

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The Horseman 45mm f/4.5 Apo-Sironar digital Lens Unit for SW-D II Pro is a Rodenstock 45mm Apo-Sironar digital with a standard Copal #0 shutter, but built into a Horseman-specific helical focusing mount and barrel assembly made to fit upon their SW-DII Pro camera. This lens provides a wide angle of view equivalent to a 32mm lens upon a 35mm camera (when used with a 36 x 48mm sensor), and its large image circle allows the full range of body movements available upon the SW-D II Pro.

The 45mm Apo-Sironar digital is one of the world's best moderately wide angle lenses made specifically for the demands of digital photography, where absolute performance across a smaller image area are needed. The Apo-Sironar delivers, giving extremely high contrast and resolution from the center to the edge of the field, without color fringing or distortions that would otherwise limit the higher resolving capacity of medium format digital backs. Despite its incredible performance, it nonetheless provides a relatively large 125mm image circle, making it possible to mount traditional film backs upon the SW-D II Pro without any vignetting.

A Rodenstock 45mm Apo-Sironar digital with standard Copal #0 shutter, built into Horseman-specific helical focusing mount/barrel assembly
Exclusively made to fit the SW-D II Pro camera
Allows full range of camera's ±17mm all-axis movement
Ideally designed for use with digital backs, providing extreme color correction and no color fringing even at the periphery of its image circle
Extremely fine resolving power when stopped down to between f/8-11
Large maximum aperture aids focusing in poor light
Focal Length 45 mm
Aperture Range f/4.5 - 22
FOV on Format Diagonal 95°
Image Circle 125 mm @ f/11
Shutter Copal #0
Shutter Speeds Not Specified By Manufacturer
Slip-On Cap Size Front: 70 mm
Filter Thread Front: 67 mm
Overall Length Not Specified By Manufacturer
Dimensions (DxL) Not Specified By Manufacturer
Weight Not Specified By Manufacturer

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