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Samsung NX SEF580A External Flash

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If you think that you have an eye for photography, then waste no time in accessorizing with a powerful tool like the Samsung SEF580A Flash. With a portable design, this powerful, intensive light is perfect for long range shots both indoors and outdoors. The Samsung SEF580A Flash will take your pictures to a new professional standard with its stand out ability to control light intensity, auto/manual burst modes and flexible head for bouncing light.


For Professional and Better Flash Photography

With functions like A-TTL/manual flash and multi-flash mode, tailor lighting effects to create the optimum shooting environment. Pair your camera with flash capabilities that will take your pictures to a new professional standard.

Be Creative with Bouncing Light Effects

The Samsung SEF580A Flash has the ability to tilt up 90° and rotate 300°, so you can bounce light off almost any surface to eliminate shadows. With a guide number of 58, the flash is ideal for longer distances both indoor and outdoor.

Multi-Flash Mode for Shooting Rhythmic Movement

You can shoot the moment moving at high speed via the NX series. Multi-flash mode is suitable for motion analysis and special effects purposes, by applying several flash exposures at once when capturing a photo.

The Perfect Shot with Auto TTL & Manual Flash

The Samsung SEF580A Flash provides the option to manually set flash settings or use A-TTL mode to automate flash settings through exposure timing. Take control over lighting to produce studio quality photographs.

Go Professional with Powerful Lighting

In the A-TTL/Manual High-speed sync flash mode, you can use the flash at a faster shutter speed than a flash sync speed. It offers a high intensity of light and greater control over intensity levels for the lighting effect you desire.

Remote Wireless Flash System for a Wide Range

Arrange multiple flashes to create lighting in environments that can be controlled wirelessly through the remote wireless flash mode. Mount a flash on your camera to control all flash units for enhanced shooting environments.


Compatible Models
NX1, NX3000, NX30, Galaxy NX, NX2000, NX300, NX20, NX210, NX200, NX100, NX10, NX1000, NX1100

Size (WxHxD)
2.87" x 5.28" x 3.54"
0.76 lb.
AF Assist Light
Yes (1.0 m-10.0 m)
Camera Mount
Samsung Mount
Charging Time (For Maximum Flash Output)
Alkaline: Max. 6 seconds, Nickel-hydride (2,500 mAh): Max. 5 seconds
Color Temperature
5600 ± 500 K
Exposure Control System
A-TTL, Manual
Flash Angle
24 mm (left/right 78°, top/bottom 60°), 105 mm (left/right 27°, top/bottom 20°)
Flash Count (At Maximum Flash Output)
Alkaline: Min. 150 times, Nickel-hydride (2,500 mAh): Min. 220 times
Flash Duration (Manual)
Max. 1/125, Min. 1/33,000
Flash Range
24 - 105 mm (when equipped with a wide-angle panel : 12mm)
Flash Ratio
1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256
Guide Number (Based on ISO 100)
High-Speed Sync
Lamp Light Voltage
Blinking : 285V, On : 330V
Graphic LCD, energy saver mode, wide-angle panel, modeling light, multi flash
Power Source
Alkaline, Nickel-hydride, Oxyride, Lithium (FR6) batteries (4 X AA)
Vertical Bounce Angle
Vertical direction: 0, 45, 60, 75, 90°, Clockwise direction: 0, 60, 90, 120°, Counterclockwise direction: 0, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180
Wireless Mode
Supported (4 channels, 3 groups)
24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, 105 mm (in 35mm format standard)

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