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Samyang 2x Converter

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Category: Photography-Lens-Accessories-Teleconverters, Samyang

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Samyang 2x tele-converter is a T Mount attachment, allowing doubling of focal length with the T-mount lenses.


The 2x converter can be used on any of Samyangs T mount lenses, including the 500mm f5.6, 500mm f8 and 800mm mirror lenses, the 500mm Preset lens, and the Samyang 650-1300mm lens.


This 2x teleconverter doubles focal length of a lens or a telescope which has the T mount system, so if you have a lens or telescope with focal length of 500mm, the 2x converter will increase it to 1000mm. It can be used on all lenses or telescopes fitted with the T / T2 mount thread.


The converter features high quality optical glass and with anti-reflective coatings. 


As with any tele converter there is a loss of light, for 2x converters this is approximately of 2 EV stops. For instance, when attached to a lens or telescope with f/5,6 light factor, the converter will reduce this value to f/11. Also there is a trade off in quality when using a converter.

Model Samyang 2x converter - T Mount

Dimensions 60mm x 55mm

Weight ~78 g

Available mounts T Mount


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