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Sennheiser GP ID 3200-IN Gp Identifier Indoor

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Category: A/V-Presentation-Assistive-Listening-Assistive-Listening-Systems, sennheiser

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The identifiers, which are invisible to visitors, are positioned either on or next to the exhibits. Each identifier has a special ID code that it transmits constantly. As soon as visitors enter the magnetic field of the identifier, the guidePORT picks up the identifier code and triggers transmission of the appropriate recording. The strength of the magnetic field is such that it poses no risk whatsoever to health. The range of the continuous signal can be flexibly set between 30 cm and 3 m. The range can be easily extended and areas clearly delimitated with the installation of additional elements.

This means that every single visitor can enjoy his or her own tailor-made tour from the word go, without queues or delays.

Nevertheless, recordings can be interrupted for announcements, warnings or other organisational information.

dentifier for controlling the Events.
Cat. No. 500896:

identifier for indoor use (GP ID 3200-IN)

Cat. No. 500897: identifier for outdoor installation or use in humid environments
(GP ID 3200-OUT)

GP ID 3200-IN: 140 mm x 106 mm x 38 mm
GP ID 3200-OUT: 130 mm x 130 mm x 52mm


GP ID 3200-IN: approx. 300 g (without batteries)
GP ID 3200-OUT: approx. 450 g (without batteries)

Protection class: GP ID 3200-OUT: IP65
Temperature range: 0 °C to +55 °C
Temperaturbereich:  0 °C bis +55 °C
Power supply:

4 x 1.5 V alkaline manganese battery (AA size)
or via external 7.5 – 15 VDC power supply

Operating time: e 3 months with four AA size 1.5 V batteries
(at 100 % transmitting power, 1 s repetition
rate, with an internal antenna and a
daily operating time of 8 hrs)
Max. current consumption:

d 10 mA (with an external loop antenna or
during trigger operation)

Interface: Infra-red interface: for communication with a 3Com PalmTop
Internal connection terminals: For an external DC power supply
For an external switch (for trigger operation)
For an external loop antenna
Frequency characteristics: Signal strength: adjustable via software,
from 100 % to 10 % in steps of 10 %
Signal strength:

adjustable via software, from 100 % to 0 % in steps of 10 %

Frequency: 127 kHz 127 kHz
Modulationsart: FSK (frequency shift keying)
Frequency adjustment: fixed frequency preset
Max. transmission range: 3 m (omni-directional) with internal antenna, with external loop antenna dependent on ocation

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