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Sennheiser RR840S-9 RF Clip-On Receiver

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Sennheiser RR 840 S stereo receiver is the same receiver as the one shipped with the Sennheiser Set 840 S-9 TV listening system. The receiver can be purchased separately for those that require an additional device.

The RR 840 S is supplied complete with its own rechargeable battery, carry clip and lanyard. 

Able to receive signals from the Set 840 S-9 transmitter - even through walls - this handy clip on receiver can be used with a wide range of headphones.

The receiver is also ideal for those with telecoil (“t” switch or loop setting) enabled hearing aids, as the Sennheiser EZT 3011 and EZT 3012 neck loops or EZI 120 induction couplers can be used in place of headphones


  • 1 RR 840-S9 receiver
  • 1 BA 300 rechargeable battery
  • 1 lanyard
  • 1 carry clip
  • 1 manual

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