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Sennheiser SDC 8200 CU Central Unit

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Category: A/V-Presentation-Assistive-Listening-Assistive-Listening-Systems, sennheiser

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General Description

The SDC 8200 CU central unit is the heart of Sennheiser’s SDC 8200 digital conference and interpretation system. All settings for the system are made via the central unit’s local configuration menu. Accommodated in a 19” full-metal housing, the SDC 8200 CU powers up to 120 conference terminals in six cable lines.
SDC 8200 CU can handle up to 28 languages. Licenses for the floor language and four translations are included in the delivery, further licenses for an expansion to 8 or 28 languages are available separately. 
The central unit features two analog audio inputs, e.g. for wireless microphones, and an analog audio output for recording units or an additional public address system. An IR modulator (4-channel operation) such as the SI 29-5 connects to the special 15-pin Sub-D connector. The central unit is also fitted with RS 232 interfaces for PC, media and camera control. 
Up to 12 central units can be daisy-chained to create systems with up to 1,024 conference terminals.

  • Built-in power supply unit for up to 120 delegate terminals and four SDC 8200 AO analog output units
  • Easy system expansion by daisy-chaining up to 12 central units for a total number of 1,024 conference terminals
  • Choice of nine conference modes: Direct Access, Group of 1, Group of 2, - Group of 3, Group of 4 FIFO, Override, Request and Request No Clear
  • One additional mode with PC control only: No Request
  • Up to 15 simultaneously live microphones (depending on mode selected)
  • Up to 28 translated languages (interpreter channels)
  • Camera control interface
  • Two voting modes with automatic tallying (yes/no/abstention or one out of five)
  • Six RJ 45 sockets for six cable lines with up to 20 terminals each
  • Two transformer balanced XLR-3F inputs
  • One transformer balanced XLR-3M output for the floor language (conference channel)
  • Six unbalanced outputs on 15-pin Sub-D connector for the floor language and five translations
  • “Master Out”, “Slave In” and “Slave Out” RJ 45 sockets for cascaded central units
  • “Data Out” RJ 45 socket for the SDC 8200 AO analog output unit
  • 3.5 mm headphone socket for monitoring
  • Three RS 232 sockets for PC, media and camera control
Delivery Includes
  • 1 SDC 8200 CU Central Unit

Technical Data
Audio input 2 x AUX IN; XLR-3-F transformer-balanced
Input voltage range +3dBu
Input impedance > 6 kOhm (1kHz)
Frequency response 100.....14000 Hz
Audio-XLR connector AUX OUT 1; XLR-3-M transformer-balanced
Output level max. +8 dBu
Output impedance < 200 Ohm (1kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio 75 dB(A)
PC-Interface COM 1-3; RS 232 SUB-D-9
Mains voltage 88 - 264 VAC (47-63 Hz)
Current consumption max. 3.5 A (230VAC); max. 7.0 A (115 VAC)
Fuse 3.15 A (230 VAC); 7 A (115 VAC)
Output voltage 48 V (Conference Port 1-6)
Operating temperature +5.....+50 °C
Fan noise 48 dBA SPL (1m)
Dimensions 485 x 141 x 265 mm
Weight 6 kg


Digital central unit for controlling and powering up to 120 conference terminals. Cascadable for expansion to 1,024 terminals per system. Menu-assisted configuration, menu navigation via jog wheel and two multi-function keys. Up to ten conference modes, chairman has priority in all modes. Speaker limit adjustable between 1 and 15. All conference and interpretation settings can be made directly on the central unit. Supports 28 interpreted languages and up to eight interpreter units per booth. Six RJ 45 conference bus sockets for cable lines with up to 20 conference terminals each. Two transformer-balanced XLR-3F audio inputs for mixing external sound sources onto the floor language channel. Transformer balanced XLR-3M audio output with the floor language channel. Six unbalanced 15-pin sub-D audio outputs for the floor language and five configurable interpreted language channels. Headphone output (3.5mm jack) for monitoring the floor language channel or any translation. Test mode for checking data and audio transmission to each conference terminal. RS 232 data interface (9-pin sub-D) for media and camera control. Two RS 232 data interfaces (9-pin sub-D) for independent control and configuration of the conference and interpreter units via optional Windows™ software. Rugged 19’’ housing (3U) for rack-mounting or use as a desktop unit. Dimensions (BxHxT): 485 x 141 x 265mm


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