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Sennheiser SDC 8200 CV Chairmans Unit

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Category: A/V-Presentation-Assistive-Listening-Assistive-Listening-Systems, sennheiser

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General Description

The digital SDC 8200 CV chairman’s unit is an ideal choice for both mobile and fixed conference systems. Its compact and elegant design harmoniously blends in with any conference room. The unit features a high-quality built-in loudspeaker, providing excellent sound at a pleasant volume. By pressing the Mic key, the chairman can make a comment any time. At multi-lingual conferences, the translated languages can be listened to via headphones. The SDC 8200 CV chairman’s unit features chip card identification and allows to start and stop votings. The results are conveniently displayed on the unit’s graphic LCD display.

  • Built-in high-quality loudspeaker (automatically muted when the microphone is switched on)
  • Microphone on/off key
  • Gooseneck microphone with red LED ring
  • Priority key for switching off all live microphones
  • Menu function NEXT opens the delegate microphones in request to speak
  • Two 3.5 mm headphone jacks for headphones or induction couplers for the hearing impaired
  • Headphone volume control
  • Channel selection keys with numerical display of selected channel (floor language + up to 28 translations)
  • Five voting keys with LED
  • Selection of voting mode, voting start/stop, display of results
  • Back-lit graphic LCD display (122 x 32 dots)
  • Text messaging
  • Built-in chip card reader for chairman identification
Delivery Includes
  • 1 SDC 8200 CV Chairman’s Unit

Technical Data
Frequency response 100.....14000 Hz
Pick-up pattern cardioid
Headphone connector 3.5 mm mono (>32 Ohm)
Voltage 48 V DC
Power consumption max. 3.5 W
Operating temperature +5.....+50 °C
Standards IEC 849
Colour Pantone Black 7C
Housing ABS
Dimensions 150 x 80 x 185 mm
Goose neck length 380 mm
Weight 620 g


Digital chairman’s unit with microphone on/off key and priority key for switching off active microphones. Menu function to open sequentially delegates microphones in request to speak (Request Mode). Red LED for indicating a switched on microphone. Back-electret condenser gooseneck microphone with cardioid pick-up pattern and red LED ring underneath the microphone head for indicating an active microphone. Length of gooseneck: 380mm, diameter: 8mm. Built-in wideband loudspeaker, central adjustment of volume, mid-range and treble via central unit or PC. Two RJ 45 sockets for the system bus, two 3.5mm headphone jacks with single volume control for the floor language channel and up to 28 interpreted language channels. Channel selection keys with a two-digit, red 7-segment LED display for indicating the selected channel. Five voting keys for two voting modes (yes/no/abstention and 1 out of 5), voting start/stop function. Chairman identification via chip card. Writing and reading of chip card via the chairman’s unit. Messaging function for receiving personal messages. Back-lit graphic LCD display (122 x 32 dots) for displaying messages, voting functions and results. Rugged, recyclable, anthracite ABS housing, dimensions (BxHxT): 150 x 80 x 185mm


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