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Smartmyk Windshield - Wind protector by Rycote

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SmartMyk Windshield is a slip-on, open-cell, reticulated foam with an integral fur cover that provides excellent wind protection whilst safeguarding your SmartMyk in the most difficult of conditions. SmartMyk Windshield successfully reduces wind-noise by up to 20dB without any adverse effect on High-Frequency. Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to create an extremely durable product that you can take anywhere. Manufactured in the United Kingdom for MyMyk by Rycote.

The SmartMyk Windshield does not detract from the HD (Highly Defined) quality audio recorded by MyMyk; transparent, clear recorded sound which is an authentic replication of the original source. The result is stunning sound that you never before thought possible, perfectly complementing the HD video of your production.

The windshield is designed to reduce the effects of wind attacks by 20dB. It combats the problem of wind gusting, a serious concern when recording in an open-air environment.

Both the acoustic foam and synthetic fur are made from materials which are specially designed to withstand moisture damage.

Special synthetic adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make the Smartmyk Windshield an extremely tough product that provides excellent wind and weather protection in the harshest of environments.

The internal core of the windshield is constructed of reticulated acoustic foam to ensure the sounds recorded are not impeded or attenuated and as a result offers very good wind-noise reduction without any adverse effect on High-Frequency.


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