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Sony BC-U1 Battery Charger

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Charges one BP-U90/U60/U30 battery


The BC-U1 battery charger charges one compact BP-U90U60/U30 Lithium-ion battery at high speed, providing power for XDCAM camcorders for up to six hours.*


* BC-U1 can charge a BP-U90 battery in 220 minutes, providing 85 Wh energy to power the PMW-200 or PMW-EX1R camcorder for up to 360 minutes. For full range of capacities and camcorder running times, see features.


Built-in AC adaptor provides 12 V DC power output


The BC-U1 also has 12 V DC power output cable to power a camcorder directly.

Approximate charge times

BP-U90 220 minutes

BP-U60 170 minutes

BP-U30 130 minutes

Approximate operating times (minutes) - BP-U90

PMW-F3L/K* 250

PMW-200** 360

PMW-150** 330

PMW-100** 360****

PMW-EX3*** 310

PMW-EX1R** 360


Approximate operating times (minutes) - BP-U60

PMW-F3L/K* 170

PMW-200** 240

PMW-150** 220

PMW-100** 240

PMW-EX3*** 210

PMW-EX1R** 240

PHU-220R 240

Approximate operating times (minutes) - BP-U30


PMW-200** 120

PMW-150** 110

PMW-100** 120

PMW-EX3*** 100

PMW-EX1R** 120

PHU-220R 120


The above operating times may change according to operating conditions.

* Dual-Link OFF, REC mode with viewfinder.

** REC mode with viewfinder.

*** REC mode with colour LCD ON.

**** When using the PMW-100 with the BP-U90 attached for extended recording periods, Sony recommends attaching the camcorder to a tripod.


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