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Velbon GEO N730 Tripod

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Category: Photography-Tripods-&-Support-Tripod-Legs, Velbon

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A Velbon Geo N730 Tripod extends to a height of 1910mm from a minimum height of 167cm so you can adjust to the specifications any project. The ends of the legs are constructed with a long lasting rubber or metal spikes for added balance and a firm grasp on all surfaces.

A centre column hook provides added tripod stability in windy conditions

Product features:
With its great stability and extendable legs, it can reach up to a maximum height of 1910mm from a minimum of 167mm.
Its central column is removable to allow various shooting perspectives, both high and low.
Inbuilt scale indicated 2.5cm and 5cm periods on every leg.
2-way adaptable leg tips offer metal spike or rubberized feet choice.
Multi-use pouchette slides over the end of the tripod legs permitting comfortable shoulder carrying.
Centre column hook provides added tripod stability in windy conditions.

A Velbon Geo N740 Tripod has carbon fiber leg tubes which happen to be strengthened with the addition of a small quantity of basalt, providing increased resistance and solidity. The reason behind the use of carbon is the fast intake of any vibrations.

Carbon is not merely light in weight, it´s suitable for preventing any vibrations brought on by the release of the shutter . The tripod components are manufactured of magnesium alloy, a substance that is light, portable and simple to process, helping to make Velbon Geo Series tripods strong and elegant. 

The benefit of the nut securing on the tripod legs is the freedom to regulate the level of locking pressure. The solid locking is fast and uncomplicated. Birdwatchers and nature photography enthusiasts make use of this kind of tripod because it´s so extremely fast to setup.

The new spiral etched surface on the carbon legs supply smooth and quick extension

With its substantial processing heat range magnesium alloy is monumental of Velbon’s state-of-the-art technological innovation.

Velbon Geo N730 Tripod What's included
Velbon Geo N730 Tripod
2 screws of various sizes
Allen key
Carrying bag

3 section legs
Maximum height of 1910mm
Removable central column
individual leg movements
Maximum load capacity 7kg


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