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Velbon VS-443D Tripod & QHD-53D Head Kit

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Category: Photography-Tripods-&-Support-Tripods-with-Heads, velbon

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A uniquely inventive design makes Velbon's most versatile tripod ever, offering a solution for every use

The Velbon® VS-443D is a new-generation tripod that will prove indispensable to photographers from beginner to advanced, in both still imaging and video.

The key to the extreme versatility of the Velbon VS?443D is an ingenious new mechanism that combines a geared/slide elevator with a 180-degree tilt arm and a 360-degree horizontal pan. It's quick and easy to use: a single twist of the grip at the end of the multi-angle arm loosens both the tilt and rotation, and when the arm is in the desired position, a twist of the grip in the opposite direction re-engages the locking nut and the arm is fixed again.

Shooting straight down is a breeze too. No need to unscrew or remove any parts – simply tilt the multi-angle arm right over to point the camera downwards. The tripod's suppliedBall Head QHD?53D ensures a solid, secure mount for your camera. Its quick release plate QB?62 allows near-instant detachment of your camera for that spontaneous handheld grab-shot. The VS?443D is supplied with its own zip-up carry case with shoulder strap.

Key features to remember

  • Multimedia, multi-position, multi-angle arm
  • 180° tilt, 360° pan
  • Vertically: a geared elevator column or downwards
    as a copy stand
  • Horizontally: a smooth, geared video track or
    macro focus adjustment
  • Ball head with quick release
  • Aluminium construction
  • 4-section legs

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