Hitting The Road - Recording Your Trip

July 11, 2016

Hitting the Road - Recording your Road Trip

The (now bypassed) HMAS Otway at Holbrook on Hume Highway


Road trips are a favourite Australian pastime – and with good reason. The idea of packing up the car for an impromptu weekend adventure or a two week traipse across the country is appealing and exciting, especially to those with a love of photography. The promise of new and spectacular scenery compels us to grab our gear and get going.  Here are few tips to help you capture the magic as you take the trail:

Check Your Gear: Make sure everything is in order before hitting the road. Adding an extra camera card and battery pack is virtually mandatory to get the most from your trip. Don't forget your chargers!

Stock Your Car: Comfort is key when hitting the road so remember to pack water bottles, snacks and a travel journal, along with sunscreen, a blanket or towels and your set of jumper cables.

Take the path less travelled: Jump on Flickr or travel websites to see if there are any locations that may be great photographically, but off the beaten track. Detailed area maps (available from camping shops) are often very handy for finding shooting locations that would otherwise be driven past at 110km/h. You can use GPS units or phone apps to make a travel route via these landmarks.

Look for Landmarks: Photographing popular landmarks in your destination may be a common activity but your viewpoint will make the images unique. Play with perspective, play with poses and have some fun. It’s fine to start with a traditional group photo but branch out and get silly – you’ll love the end result and so will your Facebook friends!


Keep it Local: If you’re a foodie that loves to share dinner photos, make sure you choose a fun and local establishment to add authenticity. The waiters and staff will often gladly pose for photos and even take one or two for you. Local people and locales make for great road travel photography so keep your eyes open for the unfolding of what will surely be that perfect picture.

Picture a Photo Map: When the trip is over, have some fun with your photos by placing them a top of a map of your travels. Select a few of your favorite and superimpose them on top of the map, print it and display it as a reminder of your adventure. Perhaps you can create a PhotoWallpaper to remember your trip by? Pop in today to see what we can do for you!

Last but not least, never, ever, ever look at a photogenic scene and think to yourself "I'll capture that on the way home". Chances are you won't. There is no time like the present!

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