Privacy Policy

michaels are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of customer personal information provided to us. In many cases michaels has built the relationship with our client’s across many years, and as such place great importance on the privacy and confidentiality of our customers personal information.

michaels is committed to taking precautions to ensure all information remains confidential and is viewed only by michaels staff, unless deemed necessary or required by a law enforcement agency. All information obtained will only be of a relevant nature to the transaction.


Further Contact

From time to time michaels may have a need to contact customers for reasons of customer service or future special offers. It is the policy of michaels both at the time of purchase and at any point in the future of giving customers the opportunity to opt-out of any further contact.



Personal information is only accessible by michaels staff, and is stored in a secure location and is encrypted for further security. We will never sell or pass information to a 3rd party without consent or unless it would be reasonably expected by the individual (in these cases we will inform the customer as a matter of course).

When disposing of personal information it is the policy of michaels to shred or destroy any personal information given to us.



In many cases customers may have a need for details of an earlier purchase. michaels maintains a customer history for this reason.

A facility is available for a anonymous purchase if requested by a customer (unless otherwise stated by a law enforcement agency or a governing body).


Internet & e-mail

michaels does not obtain any information other than that voluntarily given through e-mail and the internet, these are not passed on to any 3rd party. michaels does not transfer cookies to your computer.

By default all web server log files capture some internet browser detail. michaels only use this information to manage our website design and diagnose problems.


michaels Camera Video Digital reserve the right to change or modify this policy at any time with or without notice.

If you have any queries relating to the michaels Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact michaels for further information.

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