Tame Available Light

July 01, 2016

Learning to use available light in any situation is a skill that takes patience, creativity and practice.

It is also one of the most valuable skills to master as a photographer.

If you first identify where the light is coming from and how it falls, you can then decide how to best utilise it for your purposes.

Having a few tools to manipulate light helps as well.

For example, the ProMaster ReflectaDisc 5­in­1 Plus kit is the perfect light­taming tool to keep close.

Its versatile style can be used both indoors in studio or outside for field shooting and includes silver, black, white, gold and translucent reflectors.

Whether you need to simply diffuse available light or warm up skin tones,
this kit will help you best use the available light for your purposes.
It also includes an 18% grey panel to help establish optimum white balance.

The carrying case makes on ­location photography a snap.

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