Travel Photography

July 11, 2016

At this time of year everyone who owns a camera will likely find themselves taking many more photos than usual. Whether vacationing with family, holidaying with friends or travelling the world solo, your camera will be instrumental in ensuring your memories last a lifetime. Lets reflect on some useful tips to get the most from your travel photography.



Remember the ‘rule of thirds’. A horizon in a landscape positioned in the middle is often ‘awkward’ to view. If you have an interesting sky, place the horizon at the bottom third of your photograph. If you have an interesting foreground, place the horizon at the top third of the photograph. The same rule applies to vertical thirds as demonstrated in the image below. If your scene is brighter or darker in one area of your photograph, remember to expose correctly for the most important part of your composition. At the time of shooting you can darken the sky of an image by using a Graduation Filter, positioned on the outside of your camera lens. If you don't have this tool in your camera kit it is possible to make corrections later using post-production tools such as Lightroom.


Travel Photography tips - Rule of thirds



Including people in the foreground of a photograph will assist in creating interest for people viewing your photographs. Use the rule of thirds when composing such photographs. As a general guide, place the person or people to the right or left third of the photograph, and have them angled towards or looking into the photograph, not outside the frame, as pictured below.


Travel photography tips - looking into the frame



Getting to know your camera well before you travel will pay dividends. Take some practice photographs, then take some more, and find time to read the essentials in your camera’s manual. Consider taking a short course in either SLR (Single Lens Reflex)or Compact cameras, depending on your camera of choice, as this will fast track this process and ensure you end up with stunning images from your travels.



Being comfortable and well equipped whilst travelling is essential. It is crucial to take the right backpack with you as this can make carrying your equipment much easier and more ergonomic. Products such as ”Moisture Munchers” are important to leave in your camera bag to absorb any moisture, especially whilst travelling in humid climates, or you may end up with fogging, mildew and corrosion. Gorillapods are also an ‘essential’ item for any camera bag. These endlessly useful mini tripods grip onto most surfaces for the all important ‘self timer’ shot whilst travelling. UV & Polarising filters are also important tools for the protection of your camera lens and to deepen the blue in skies; making the clouds in your landscapes ‘jump’ out. Also, having spare memory cards and camera batteries on hand will ensure you will never miss an opportunity to capture those special people and places you visit.


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