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Kelly’s mission is to help you find your photographic creative confidence and hang on to it for the long haul.

Creatives always want to try new ideas and extend their creativity just about every single day. But how do you find creative confidence and how do we hang on to it for the long haul? Finding what will work for you is important - maybe it’s not through awards, but it’s other forms of experimentation or reinventing yourself and your brand.


Lecture Theatre, first floor, michaels Camera, Video & Digital
Free event. No bookings required. Limited seating. First come, first served.



As a photographer, I come together with clients over how they see the world, and how they want to be seen in their own little part of it.

I provide every couple that I photograph with a collection of prints from their day. It is important to me that you see your photographs as printed images – call me traditional, but it’s something that I like to do.

I want to give you something you will want to hang on your wall, not just something for Nanna's fridge.

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