Insight: Michaela Skovranova — Finding your Vision in Underwater Photography and Video


Michaela takes you on an inspiring journey below the waves where huge creatures become the subjects of her photographic canvas.

Michaela’s international underwater photography expertise gives her the unique ability to help you find the best way of working in your immediate environment, enabling you to find our own vision under the waves. She will discus the equipment options that she uses to document the underwater world using natural light and breath hold techniques.

From the extreme and uncontrollable environments photographing humpback whales in Tonga to the frigid and remote oceans of Antarctica, Michaela presents personal insights from her explorations that will inspire you to explore your own underwater worlds.

Michaela will discuss using your immediate environment to find a way of working that suits your style. We will discuss equipment options and documenting using natural light and breath hold techniques. 

Michaela will also give an insight into exploring projects in extreme and uncontrollable environments from photographing humpback whales in Tonga to venturing to cold oceans of Antarctica.


Lecture Theatre, first floor, michaels Camera, Video & Digital
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From exploring the secret lives of humpback whales and the whimsical ocean dancing of seals, surreal landscapes, scenes and sunsets, Michaela helps us see the world in a different light with her underwater photography and leaves us inspired with her breathtaking imagery.

Michaela Skovranova is an Australian based filmmaker, photographer, director and Olympus Visionary. 

You won’t find much in the way of bright colours in her photos but while desaturated, her images are dripping with emotion, drama and a certain respect for the duality between beauty and raw power that exists in the ocean and nature. 

Originally from Slovakia, Michaela moved to Australia where her focus shifted to documentary and underwater capture.  Since then, she has amassed a variety of awards including being named on Photoboite’s list of 30 Under 30 Women Photographers.

Her short films pick up the natural, ambient-lit storytelling where the images leave off. 

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