Expand your knowledge and discover our exciting range of courses available across a range of photographic disciplines.

Guided by our team of friendly and dedicated instructors, our media school seeks to help everyday people capture extraordinary images. Join a community of passionate photographers and discover the classes we have on offer today.

What courses are available?

Courses are divided into four groups:

  • SLR Camera Courses
  • Compact Camera Courses
  • Video Cameras Courses
  • Software Courses

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Photographic Tours

These are hands on classes designed to teach actual photographic skills. As a result they do require some understanding of camera usage.

SLR Camera Courses

  • Introduction to Digital SLR classes are three hour classes designed to help you get the most from your new or existing camera.
  • The class focuses on the most common controls used on your camera as well as explaining the basics of photography.
  • The introduction to Digital SLR class is in two parts although more experienced photographers may want to skip part 1.

Compact Camera Courses

  • Compact Camera Complete - a very comprehensive three hour class that covers almost all you need the get the best from your new camera.

Video Camera Courses

  • The Introduction to Video Camera course is a three hour course designed the help you to get the most from your new or existing video camera.

Software Courses

  • All software courses are "Hands-on" with the emphasis on enhancing photographs rather than a lecture environment.
  • Each student will have a laptop provided for the class preloaded with images.
  • Our lecturers will then guide you through the software in an easy manner to allow you to get the most from the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lecturer talk about my particular camera?

In each introductory course on several key parts the lecturer will ensure that every attendee can find the most important controls on their own camera. If your questions are not answered during the formal component of the course you will get an opportunity to have any question answered in the Q&A section of the course.

How large are the classes?

Our introduction to course normally has 14-16 students. Our software classes have 5-6 students, and our photographic experience and master classes have between 5-8 students

Can I have a one to one class?

One to one classes are available where you can set the agenda as well as the times. Please contact our media school direct so we can discuss your particular needs.

Does michaels media school organise corporate classes?

We have a range of options for your corporation. Please contact the michaels corporate department and we can arrange a bespoke class to your own needs. Please note our main lecturers all hold a current TAA certificate IV in training and assessment.

How much do the courses cost?

Pricing of each course is detailed together with the course description. If you purchased your Compact, SLR or Video camera from Michaels, you will most likely be entitled to a complimentary place to whichever of the introductory courses is applicable to your camera. You may bring a second attendee a special price.

How can I pay for my course?

Either book or pay on-line via the link on the class page or come into our store and see one of our consultants.

How often are the classes held?

Our media school is open every day and has three purpose built classrooms. We run classes seven days a week as well as some evenings. The class page will have a timetable link that should show available spaces. Note: when the class is full it no longer shows on the timetable.

What is the cost of a second attendee?

Providing they come with you to the same session, and you are sharing use of the same camera during the class, a second person can attend either the Compact, SLR or Video camera courses for the special price of $25. If however, they wish to attend a different session, or bring their own camera, they will need to pay the full course fee. A second attendee price is only applicable to some introductory courses.

Where are the courses held?

All courses  are held in the Michaels Media School class rooms / lecture theatres located on Level 1 of the michaels store, on the corner of Elizabeth & Lonsdale Streets, in the heart of Melbourne.

What standard are our lecturers?

All of our lecturers are professionals in their field, be it photography or videography.

Can I bring my child?

Our objective is to provide a learning environment for all participants. Past experience has shown that participants who have brought toddlers and younger children have been distracted and fellow participants have commented that they too have been distracted.

What Our Customers Say

"LOVED IT! Alwyn made it fun, answered my (no doubt annoying!) questions before moving on. Explained clearly, was understandable & so excited now to play with what I can do."

Ms Tracie W - Prahran

"We thought it was a terrific course. Very energising &motivating. We loved the fact that we could both come to use our new camera & the second person come for $25. This way we could both use it when we travel & no-one has a monopoly on the camera. (We came back to michaels because we bought our first video camera in 2000 and attended an introductory video course. It's a long time between courses but we found good price and fantastic service at the time -> we have remembered)."

Mr & Mrs B - Burwood

"Loved it. Didn't undermine. Didn't go through silly things/settings. Was quick & effective. Makes me want to do more."

Ms. Victoria Q - Carlton North

"Excellent. Alwyn was clear, prepared, a joy. Skipped Part 1 and worried a little about being behind, but Alwyn explained so clearly I was right on top of things. Still may go back and do Part 1 because because I enjoyed Part 2 - memory refreshment never hurts!"

Ms. Carrie C - Northcote

"I enjoyed it! It helped to clarify functions on the camera."

Ms. Teresa G - Glenhuntly

"I really enjoyed it and it has opened up a whole new world to me. I am new & very keen to begin taking photos trying all the new settings I have learned."

Ms Rebecca B. - Prahran

"I enjoyed it, it mainly confirmed a lot of what I already knew - but did give me a few hints on using some of the "scene" settings more appropriately."

Ms Judy V - Delacomb

"Enjoyed - have learned a lot - maybe should have been before buying camera."

Mr Ken A - Macleod

"Course was quite informative! Covered pretty much everything a beginner would need to know for a DSLR!"

Ms Sarah H - East Kew

"Structured, informative relevant course. Benefit to the beginner. It has created a strong interest of using SLR cameras. A very experienced trainer."

Ms Jean T - Point Cook

"Gave a wonderful introduction to SLR and lots of advice as to how to use my camera better."

Mr Bill P - Albert Park

"It was outstanding. Very simple now. Was confused before I came."

Mr Tony W - Melbourne

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