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On-site Sensor Cleaning

Dust is one of the unavoidable facts of digital photography. When it falls on the camera sensor, it can result in unpleasant black spots clearly visible in images.

To mitigate this, michaels offers professional sensor cleaning with a quick 48 hour turnaround, all conveniently located in the Melbourne CBD.

We are able to perform sensor cleans on Full Frame digital SLRs, APS-C digital SLRs and compact mirrorless system cameras.

Dust may come from many sources, whether from changing lenses or air circulating through the zooming in and out of lenses. Although it can never be completely eliminated, a sensor clean helps minimise dust's impact and keeps your photos looking pristine.

Visit our Service Department on Level 1 or call (03) 9672 2255 for a quote or more information.

Conveniently located in Melbourne CBD.