FAQ Profoto A10 & A1X

Wireless connectivity - Air

Can I use the A10 or A1X to remote control and trigger my other Profoto lights?

Yes, both the A10 and A1X can be used as an Air Remote to regger or remote control up to 4 groups of Profoto Air lights up to 300m away (1000 ft.) from your camera.

What's the wireless range when using the A10 or A1X off-camera?

Both A10 and A1X can be triggered by any Profoto Air Remote, Connect or A10/A1X at distances up to 300 meters in clear line of sight. Up to 100 meters is usually not a problem.

Can I combine speed lights from other brands with the Profoto A10 and A1X?

Other brands can be triggered by A10 and A1X if they have optical slave mode. The Profoto A10 and A1X does not have optical slave built-in so they cannot be triggered by speedlights from other brands.

Wireless connectivity - AirX and Profoto apps

Can I connect the A10 and the Profoto App?

Yes, the A10 has AirX built-in, Profoto’s new Bluetooth enabled smartphone sync technology. The A10 can be connected as a flash to the camera in the Profoto App. You can also use Profoto App to remotely control your A10.

Can I get AirX in my A1 or A1X through a firmware update?

No that is not possible.

What's the Bluetooth wireless range when using A10 with Profoto app?

Wireless range of AirX Bluetooth connection is up to 30 meters.

Which smartphone models are supported with the new A10?

All iPhone models 7 or later. Android Camera app is under development. Check Profoto App FAQ website regarding latest information on Android compatibility.

Which apps support Profoto A10?

Profoto iOS app and Profoto Connect Android app.

How many A10 units can be connected and flash simultaneously to create images with Profoto App?

Up to three (3) A10 lights can be used simultaneously to create images with Profoto App.

How many Profoto devices can I remotely control from Profoto Camera App?

You can remotely control up to three (3) Profoto devices individually. If you remotely control a Profoto Connect, you can control however many lights that are set to the same channel as your Profoto Connect.

What is the fastest Shutter Speed I can use on my smartphone, shooting with Profoto A10?

You can use Shutter Speeds in the range from 1/25.000s to 1s. Exact numbers may vary between different smartphone models, but should be close to this range.

Does Profoto Camera App work in Auto Exposure (TTL) mode together with Profoto A10?

No. Auto Exposure mode (TTL) for Xenon flash lights is under development.

Can Profoto Connect be used to create images with Profoto Camera app?

No, Profoto Camera cannot be used to create images with Profoto Connect. Profoto Camera can however be used to remotely control and update Profoto Connect.

How do I connect Profoto Camera to my Profoto A10?

Download Profoto Camera (“Profoto”) from App Store. Activate Bluetooth on your phone, then turn on your Profoto device. Now, in Profoto Camera, tap the plus sign in Camera view or in Remote Control view, and your Profoto device will show up.

Light shaping tool compatibility

Which light shaping tools are recommended for A10 and A1X?

All Profoto Clic LST´s are recommended for A10 and A1X. See all Clic LST´s here.

Battery & charger compatibility

Will the A10 battery and battery charger work with the A1X?

Yes, the battery and charger are the same for A1X and A10.

Can I use the old A1 battery with A10 and A1X?

Yes you can but you will get a lesser number of flashes from each battery charge.

Can I travel by air with the A10 and A1X and its batteries?

Yes. Our Li-ion batteries are UN-certified, so you can take them on a plane, no matter your destination. All the documentation you need can be found here: Air Travel with Li-Ion Battery for A10 and A1X.


Where can I find the user guide for my A10 or A1X?

Find the user for A10 here. Find the user guide for A1X here.

Can I use the modeling light on the A10 or A1X for video and still images?

The modeling light is mainly designed as a modeling light when using flash but can also be used for video and as a light source for still images. For best results, go to settings, set ‘MODEL’ to ‘FLICKER FREE’ and set ‘ZOOM’ to full wide.  

Can I select different languages in the display menu on my Profoto A10 or A1X?

The menu language for all Profoto products is English and unfortunately this cannot be changed.

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