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Understanding Your New Video Camera Class

Learn about the controls on your camcorder and how to achieve great footage. In this course you will learn: video formats, manual vs automatic focusing, when and how to use zoom, useful video accessories, tips for lighting and composition, audio recording and how to shoot with a final movie in mind. You will also be introduced to the basic principles of video editing video on a computer.

If you have specific questions we even provide a Q&A session in an environment where you are completely comfortable to ask!

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Memory Card Transfer

Unless you have a regular use for a lens, flash, tripod or lighting gear, it is often hard to justify its purchase. That super-fast, telephoto lens you’ve been eyeing may be appealing, but unless you regularly shoot sports or wildlife, you probably can’t rationalise the price.

Our hire service is a great solution for those special occasions when you need equipment but can’t commit to an outright purchase or you want to try out some equipment before you buy it.

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