"One Big Fan" Image by Peter Michael - Managing Director

1/1600  |  f 13  |  ISO 1250  |  Shutter Priority 

Nikon D810 with Nikon 80-400/4-5.6 

Post Processed With Affinity Photo 

Image by Peter Michael

Several years ago, I was at the St Kilda Festival which is an annual music festival in Melbourne. This type of festival always provides the opportunity to find some interesting photography subjects. Whether they be people, panoramas of the massive crowds or the surrounding environment.

I was fortunate that time, as I just happened to be at the front of the arena, when one of the bands commenced. This gave me the opportunity to shoot the band without being impeded by others.  

I got some terrific shots of the band - 'Client Liasons'. I left the area and noticed the shadow of an amusement ride on the side wall of the Palais theatre, which was undergoing renovations and was clad in scaffolding. 


Unfortunately, I couldn't  get to a high enough elevation to avoid the distractions of the food vendors.

Nevertheless, this is the beauty of digital, you can afford to experiment. I  captured the shadow (see below pre & post) thinking that perhaps I could turn it into an interesting image later on with the assistance of software ... imagining how it would look framed on a wall. 

Edited using Affinity Photo : 
Black + White 

The Band - Client Liasons

1/1600  |  f 8  |  ISO 1250  |  Shutter Priority         Nikon D810 with Nikon 80-400/4-5.6

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