Become Your Own Broadcaster With Ease

May 04, 2017

Become Your Own Broadcaster With Ease

Tips and tools for easy web streaming with any camera.

Not a day goes by where some breaking news story is covered by a person that just happens to be at the right place at the right time with a mobile phone and internet connection.

Of course the key reason for the surge in this new type of citizen journalism is the easy of operation and mass adoption of internet connected mobile phones along with powerful real time social media video distribution apps.

But this is where things get complicated. So while very easy to use, the camera and sound quality of the mobile phone platform become serious limitations as your broadcast needs become more complex.

Luckily many exciting new tools are showing up in the market to with the aim of taking the ease of use of mobile phone broadcasting systems while increasing the quality with dedicated cameras and microphones.

At the same time, a slew of new internet broadcasting platforms have showed up on the scene with possibly the most exciting being Facebook Live.

In this free-lunch time seminar we aim to show you a range of new tools to help you lift the quality of your video with new products and applications that cover the range from mobile based all the way up to fully dedicated hardware that enable broadcasts with multiple cameras.

The only thing left is to build your audience as now anyone can become a broadcaster!
Much of the equipment demonstrated in this video is available for hire from michaels camera so you can get up and running live streaming with very little effort.

Hire the Web Presenter at michaels.

Hire the Panasonic HC-PV100 Video Camera (a perfect match with the Web Presenter)

Purchase the Blackmagic Web Presenter

Purchase the Blackmagic Teranex Mini Smart Panel

John unboxes the Web Presenter and installs the Teranex Mini Smart Panel.

John demonstrates how to run 2 HDMI Video Cameras into the Web Presenter for a simple 2 camera switching/streaming setup.

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