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How Using the Histogram Can Improve Your Photography

August 13, 2018

The histogram is another one of those camera features that can be a bit difficult to get your head around at first. But in fact, once you understand the meaning behind the bumpy graph, you should find a significant improvement in the quality of your photographs.

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Can Less Be More? Black and White vs. Colour Photography

August 08, 2018

Since the widespread adoption of colour film in the 1930s, shooting in black and white has become something of an artistic niche. While it's clear colour is the dominant choice these days – in the right circumstances – black and white photography still has the potential to create powerful, evocative images that might not have been otherwise possible.

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What is white balance and why is it important?

August 01, 2018

If you're slightly confused about the purpose of white balance – don't stress, because even for an experienced photographer, it's a challenge to perfect. Put simply, white balance is a camera's attempt to accurately replicate the colours we see with our eyes. And it's actually pretty important, because from bright sunlight to fluorescent globes, every light source impacts the accuracy of your photos' colours.

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Development of a Next-Generation Full-Frame Nikon Mirrorless Camera

August 01, 2018

Nikon has announced the development of a full-frame, Nikon FX-format, mirrorless camera and NIKKOR lenses that features a new mount.

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Shooting In Winter

July 24, 2018

Shooting in winter can present some unique challenges like strong wind or rain. But with some creative thinking, 'bad' weather can be used advantageously in creating specific imagery or a mood.

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Finding My Wings (or Propellers) with the DJI Mavic Air

July 17, 2018

David Michael had never really flown a drone before now. He thought that a journey to northern Norway would give him the opportunity to get his hands dirty and take a DJI Mavic Air out for a spin.

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Study Finds That Sharing a Photo Everyday Could Improve Your Wellbeing

July 10, 2018

Most people love sharing their photos online, but a recent study has found that doing so could be improving more than just your follower count.

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Is It Time to Consider Buying a Mirrorless Camera?

July 02, 2018

The uptake of mirrorless cameras over the last few years has been rapid to say the least. And if you're one of those interested in switching to a mirrorless camera, first consider your needs as a photographer. 

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What is 4K video?

June 27, 2018

While 4K video has been around for several years now, many consumers are still not making the most of its benefits. From cameras to televisions and even smart phones, extremely high quality photos and video can be streamed, shot and recorded on a huge range of devices right now.

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Just Announced: Leica C-Lux

June 21, 2018

This week Leica introduced the Leica C-Lux compact camera. Boasting high speeds and easy-to-use controls in a stylish and modern design.

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Save the Date: Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October 2018

June 14, 2018

That's right! We're excited to announce the next instalment of Melbourne's Photo Show will be at michaels camera video & digital on Saturday 13 October.

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Try Out the New Sony RX100 VI In-Store

June 08, 2018

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Keep Condensation At Bay

June 07, 2018

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Sony Releases the RX100 VI

June 06, 2018

Impressive 24-200mm1 F2.8 – F4.5 high-magnification ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* zoom lens, yet sacrifices none of the pocket-size portability speed capabilities and high image quality that has become the hallmark of Sony’s RX100 lineup.

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Why the Nifty Fifty Should Be the Next Lens in Your Kit

May 31, 2018

Once you get familiar with your new camera and kit lens, the obvious question is “Which lens do I need next?”.

With all the major manufacturers having a very wide range of lenses in their line and so many great options from the third party brands it is understandable that you might find it hard to plan what to buy next.

The simple answer — get a Nifty Fifty (50mm). Here are 7 key reasons why...

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Does Dehaze Really Work?

May 24, 2018

Hazy photos are a very common occurrence and can be caused by a wide range of issues, the most common being heat haze and foggy weather conditions.

Adobe Lightroom and the Camera RAW Plugin for Photoshop come to the rescue of hazy photos with a simple slider, appropriately named Dehaze.

Similar functions are available in most major editing applications.

Let’s see the Dehaze tool in action with some hazy photos in need of repair.

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Melbourne's Photo Show Wrap Up

May 18, 2018

To everyone who made it to michaels for Melbourne's Photo Show 12 May, thank you for coming and supporting our growing community of photographers, enthusiasts and friends. Melbourne's Photo Show wouldn't be the same without your energy and contributions.

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Is 24 Megapixels Enough?

April 20, 2018

Like everything in photography, the number of megapixels needed is dependant on what you plan to do with your images. As a general rule for most enthusiast photographers, 24 megapixels is more than enough for high quality printing and display on digital devices.

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Fujifilm announces firmware updates for the XT-20, X-E3, X100F, X-H1, X-T2, X-Pro2 and the GFX 50S

April 13, 2018

The scope of updated, improved or new features vary by model, but as always Fujifilm continues to deliver innovation with their firmware updates to the owners of their range of cameras.

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Products Just Announced - 12 April 2018

April 12, 2018

Following up on the original Pocket Cinema Camera released in 2013, the new 4k version brings a wealth of great features to the line.

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To Charge Or Not To Charge? That Is The Question

April 11, 2018

Lithium batteries have replaced almost all of the competing rechargeable battery technologies across nearly every product segment from mobile phones to electric cars.

It is important to note that many usage factors can both extend or decrease the life of a lithium battery.

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GoPro Introduces a new price friendly Action Cam — the GoPro HERO

April 04, 2018

GoPro reacts to an action camera market is now awash in choice and often overwhelmed with features. Many users still want a premium product from the leading action camera brand, but don’t require the higher resolution modes of the latest models. The simple fact is 4k video requires so much more storage and post production effort that it is often not used even when the feature is available. GoPro has obviously noticed that there is a still a market for an action camera at a great price without features many users don’t need.

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Laowa releases 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro Lens for Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts

April 04, 2018

Macro shooters now have a very affordable new option for capturing the miniature with the introduction of the Venus Optics Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro Lens.

Designed for both full frame and APS-C sensors in all the major mounts, this lens is bound to be of interest to both new and well seasoned macro photographers.

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Exploring the Miniature —  An Introduction to Macro Photography

April 04, 2018

Like many types of specialised photography, macro photography brings with it a whole new set of challenges and often requires some unique tools and skills that are completely different than what we would use in standard photography.

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