ActionPod with Andi Lucas - Chief of Operations - Dinkum Systems

March 01, 2017

ActionPod® is a clamping monopod that is genius in its simplicity, providing the quickest, easiest mounting solution on the market. Utilizing a clamp, a threaded top and a single length-adjustable arm, the camera mount removes the complexity of tripods while providing stability and micro-adjustability for your GoPro®, SONY® ActionCam, point-and-shoot or small video camera.

ActionPod® is surprisingly stable and may be mounted virtually anywhere: trees, bike frames, skateboards, car doors, ski-poles, backpacks, motorcycles... when you think of a thrilling new angle, ActionPod® is there to get you the shot! The 5-link, 7” long arm is micro-adjustable, allowing you to frame each shot perfectly. The strong spring clamp ensures a solid, yet quick to position base that can be moved using one hand.

ActionPod® also works with any small device up to 3 lbs that is equipped with a ¼-20 (camera-type) thread: camera flash units, radar detectors, GPS units, on-board lights etc. 


Hi, my name is Andy Lucas. I’m the co-owner of a company called Dinkum Systems.

We’re a range of products of, pretty much, clamping monopods is our main business and lens shades; and we’re now being carried through Michael’s Camera.

So, just to really quickly talk to you about our top-selling little guy; it’s called the Action Pod mount; super simple technology; we’ve got a spring clamp at one end; we’ve got a length adjustable modular hose arm; and we’ve got the top here, with a quarter-inch attachment; just your standard tripod thread.

Now, the beauty of this piece is basically, its simplicity.

It’s something that you can use in your kit for a huge range of mounting challenges; if you’re having issues on set with odd confined spaces; you can obviously use it with your camera; you can use it with light panels; you can use it weird monitors; the options are pretty limitless.

The product does actually pop apart - so you can actually separate it; you can lengthen the arm; you can shorten that if you need to bear a heavier weight.

The product will actually bear 1.5 kg, as a vertical load bearing quite comfortably; and, as I say, if you need to carry something a bit heavier; you can shorten the arm and basically, take care of it that way.

So, this is our little Action Pod; it also comes with a 3/8th adapter screw; you can buy that as a separate piece, or it comes as part of our kit.

Basically, just turning that mount from a quarter inch to a 3/8, as simple as screwing on that adapter; and you’ve now got a microphone shock mount.

So, this is called the Action Pod; it’s one of the key pieces in our product range; which is currently being sold through michaels.


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