Canon EOS 1DX Mark III Specs/Benefits & Reflections Of Pro Photographer @ Australian Open Jan 2020

February 21, 2020

Paul Stewart and Michael Klein share the stunning new features of the new EOS-1Dx Mark III and show the true capabilities of this remarkable camera.

Paul is the Professional Camera Business Manager for Canon Australia. He covers  the features and technical specifications and how they will benefit you.

Michael Klein is a full time professional sports photographer with the Melbourne Herald Sun. He commenced shooting in the days of film and has watched and experienced the evolution of Pro cameras. Michael is really legendary in his specialist area of sports photography.

Canon arranged for Michael to use one of the first EOS-1Dx Mark III's available in the world at the 2020 Melbourne Open Tennis. Michael describes how he felt that the features of the EOS-1Dx Mark III were so useful that he felt that he was "almost cheating" by using it!

Watch as Michael describes how the new features of this camera enhanced his ability to take "keeper images". Even though this camera is so ground-breaking in so many respects, Michael discusses why the skills of the person behind the camera are still so important.... why photographers will not be replaced by robots - a concern for us all in this fast moving world that we are in.


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