Canon releases the next generation of the “go to” professional’s DSLR — the new EOS 1Dx Mark III - Just In Time For The Tokyo Olympics

January 07, 2020

If its an Olympic Summer Games year, that means it is time for the latest and greatest sports oriented camera releases.

Sony ended 2019 with the release of their slightly refreshed A9ii and topped up their pro lens line with a few super tele’s in preparation for the upcoming summer games.

Nikon has announced the development what we think might be their last big body pro DSLR — the D6, however, real specs are a bit thin on the ground.

The big surprise has to be Canon shipping the brand new EOS 1Dx Mark III next month! No one expected it to come so soon!

The question is, will this be the end of the DSLR road for Canon’s pro shooters? If so, they are certainly going out with a bang as this unit packs a serious punch.

For the pro shooter working in the sports arena, the killer features have to be “the need for speed” upgrades in this new body. A nearly infinite buffer, a brand new high speed AF system, HEIF file recording and live view features that first hit the market in the EOS R system.

This is also the first time Canon has delivered greater than 4k and RAW video on a DSLR — sporting 5.5k video this is bound to turn some heads!

There is certainly a lot to be excited about with this camera and no doubt many of Canon’s 5D and R series shooters are going to be lusting after it.

Sure it is expensive, but rest assured, at michaels camera we will be adding the EOS 1Dx Mark III to our extensive hire equipment selection and we also have every big Canon lens you can think of mounting to it!

We have you covered even if you only shoot at your local footy oval and not the Olympics — you can run with the big dogs thanks to Canon and michaels!

Check out the full details of the Canon EOS 1Dx Mark III here

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