"Lose Your Fear of (Drone) Flying" - Eddie Gooda - Photo Talk - 10.30am - Sat. 19th November at Melbourne's Photo Show

November 16, 2016

Eddie is a CASA licenced Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot, has a UAV\UAS Operators Certificate. He has over a decade of Aerial Remote Systems operations, and also been heavily involved with Aviation for more than 20 years.

Eddie will provide you with a overview of the factors involved in flying your new drone safely, whilst having an enjoyable experience and knowing about the applicable CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) regulations.

He will cover a broad cross section of fundamental drone flight knowledge and the related technology's keeping your camera and drone safely airborne. Fear of losing, fear of crashing, damage, fear of regulations are all common fears.

Drones are now readily available in all price ranges and sizes, more and more people are considering the purchase of one for their business or for fun. This workshop will cover basic information to assist overcoming your drone fears. Additional topics include types of drones, fail-safe drone features, regulations, safety and filming with a drone.



Eddie has delivered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) knowledge to organizations such as the ABC (Television), Flirtey and others.

He was born in Australia and grew up in Scottsdale Arizona, and maintains broad experience across multiple disciplines of aviation. His passion for general aviation began whilst flying Aerotow Gliders in 1996 at the Turf Soaring School in Peoria Arizona.

Upon returning to Australia he continued studying his fixed wing private pilot license in the Piper Warrior and further studying his rotary wing license in the Robinson R22 helicopter.

Eddie is a CASA licensed UAS pilot and has over a decade of Aerial remote systems (UAV\DRONE) operations with several of Australia's largest UAV\UAS operators certificate holders.

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         10.30am - Sat. 19th November



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