Film Photography & Darkroom Printing in 2017 - Tom Goldner - Free Photo Talk 3pm Sat 8th April at Melbourne's Photo Show

April 04, 2017

Can film photography be seen more than just a trend in 2017? Join The Fox Darkroom & Gallery founder, Tom Goldner, for an open discussion and presentation on the application of traditional processes in the modern age of photography.

Tom Goldner is a professional photographer whose career spans art, portraiture, documentary and commercial works.

Since founding The Fox Darkroom in 2014, Tom has shared his skill and enthusiasm for black and white film photography with a growing community in Melbourne and beyond.

The Fox Gallery’s 2016 opening reflects Tom’s continued commitment to traditional methods, and establishes The Fox Darkroom & Gallery as an important outpost for both photographers and members of the public to be able to create, and engage with essential photographic works.


    michaels Lecture Theatre
Level 1 @ michaels

3pm - Sat. 8th April 

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