How to Pair the Nikon KeyMission 360 to iOS

October 31, 2016


(John Warkentin)

John Warkentin here from the Michael’s Camera Social Media Team.

Today, what I want to do is make a little video to show you the pairing process between an Apple iPhone and the KeyMission 360 camera from Nikon.


[Display is an iPhone home screen with apps]


So, I’m going to go into my Nikon group here on my iPhone.

Now I’ve got two Snapbridge apps here because I’ve been using the complete trilogy of KeyMission cameras, but the one that we’re going to use for this is the Nikon Snapbridge 361/170 application.

That’s one application that handles both the panoramic 360 camera and the 170 action camera.

So let’s just get into that.

Now this phone was previously paired to this camera, but it’s been removed from it and the battery has been pulled out of the KeyMission 360 and reinserted, and there’s no recollection of Bluetooth connectivity to this particular camera because that’s been removed as well.

So, it’s as if we’re starting fresh.

So let’s launch the app; then we want to get into the main menu, which is this connect menu here, and you see that we have an exclamation mark up at the top, and this little silhouette of a camera here - little dotted outline - so that means there’s no camera currently connected.

So now what we need to do is power on the KeyMission 360 into pairing mode; so we’re going to press and hold the Movie button down for about 7 seconds, and the status lights are going to flash simultaneously in green; there’s a status light on each side of the camera; so they’re going to be flashing at the same time.


[There is a chime from the phone/camera]


So, now they’re both flashing green, and I’ve let go of the Movie button - which is the large record button on the top of the camera - and now what we want to do is press at the top here and we want to find the KeyMission 360; and there it is right there.


[Display shows the connection options for the SnapBridge app]


So we’re going to select that; press on that; and we’re just waiting for another panel; this is the Select an accessory panel comes up; and we should see the KeyMission 360 here - keep in mind this number at the end of it is the serial number of our unit - so we press that; and hopefully, now, the status lights are alternately flashing and it looks like we’ve connected.


[Display shows the Connect page of the app and it now shows the KeyMission 360 connected]


So, there we go.

Now the Connect panel denotes that we have connected to KeyMission 360 and you see in the centre, there’s the little Bluetooth icon; it’s telling us our battery is at 80%.

Keep in mind, you want to do this with a relatively fully charged battery; I had problems when I had a battery only at about 30% when I was doing it; make sure your phone is charged up as well.


So now, what I want to do is go over to the bottom of my panel, to the Camera tab.


[Display shows the settings in the Camera Tab – KeyMission 360 is denoted]


Now, what I want to do is press on Remote Photography - now this is going to try to kick the KeyMission 360 into live view mode, but for live view mode and for downloading pictures, it needs a Wi-Fi connection.

Now, this is the second part of the puzzle.

So we press on this and a panel is going to come up and it says Wi-fi has been enabled; so you need to get into your Wi-Fi mode; so I’m going to go - this is going to knock us back to the Settings panel in iOS, but it takes us to the wrong area, unfortunately, it takes us to the Snapbridge panel, where there really is nothing we need to change here.

So what we need to do is go up one level, into the main settings; get ourselves up to the Wi-Fi panel, and now we’ve got to find the KeyMission 360 in our Wi-Fi and select that.

It doesn’t have a lot of power, this Wi-Fi signal out of the KeyMission; it’s not going to default to it very often, maybe if you’re outside and there are no Wi-Fi networks you normally connect to; it might auto connect; otherwise, you’re going to have to do this yourself.

Now, we just want to press on the top here to get us right back to the Snapbridge app; now we can go into remote photography and we should be able to do a live view of ourselves here.


[Display shows a live view of John]


There we go, now we’re into a live view mode; so I’ve just picked up the camera here and you can see there’s my desktop and where we’re just recording this video.

So that’s the process that needs to occur.


Now as soon as we knock ourselves out of this live view mode; to save power the KeyMission 360 has turned the Wi-Fi off - even though it is still denoted as paired by Wi-Fi here - because if we press remote photography again, it’s going to ask us to connect to the Wi-Fi again, most likely…

Oh, it was still connected for a little bit.

Maybe it hangs on for the power down procedure, or whatever, but you’ll find that as soon as you review one picture – ah, it’s turned off already and we’re back to Bluetooth. So if we go back here and try to connect to it, it’ll probably ask us again.


[Display shows the remote photography selected on the Camera tab showing the paired KeyMission 360]


Yes, see, it’s back to Bluetooth; says we’ve got to connect to it; it’s not very sticky.

So now again, we’ve got to go back; got to go up to the Wi-Fi settings; got to go find… you see is connected up to the store Wi-Fi here; connect to it; get back to the Snapbridge; there we go.

Now we get back into our live view mode here.

There we go.

That’s good.

We can probably take ourselves a picture here; just take a quick standard single shot.


[Shutter click]


Okay. I’m not sure if I got… I don’t have auto-download set right now; so if I go back here; I go to download selected pictures; you’ll find the download selected pictures wants to get the Wi-Fi used as well, and if it’s not on, it’ll again pop you back to that panel.


None of these operations is particularly quick; everything’s a little bit sluggish.

It says it’s lost its connection to the camera - try again.

There are quite a few little errors that come up here.

Let’s see what happens this time; maybe it will ask us about the Wi-Fi.

Again, it’s very sluggish.


[Display shows a message asking if it should connect to the KeyMission 360 Wi-fi for faster downloads]


Okay, so connect Wi-Fi for faster downloads – yes.

Go back to the Wi-Fi; find it; back to Snapbridge; go back, and it’s looking positive here.

Let’s see if it brings in a couple thumbnails; there we go.


[Display shows some thumbnails of photographs]


So that’s the picture that we just shot. So let’s bring it in; we hit play here, and there we are.


[Pressing play brings it back to live mode]


So that’s the procedure!


Now, keep in mind, if you want to disconnect this camera and connect it to another device; you want to do the three following steps: In your paired cameras, you need to click on the Connect panel of the app; you want to go up to the top here; and you want to “end pairing”; you want to go into your Bluetooth settings of your… I’ll just actually just disconnect it here - I’m going to end the pairing.

Okay, that’s fine. Then you want to get to your Bluetooth settings on your phone; you want to find it here; you want to “forget” the camera, so click here “forget this device”; then you want to remove the battery from the KeyMission 360 and reinsert it; it doesn’t hurt to make sure that the device you’re going to go and connect it to has had a fresh restart and you know, all the apps that are not useful have been killed.

And that should enable you to get everything you need to connect up to another device and disconnect from one.

These things are only meant to be connected to one device at a time.


So that should help you out with using the KeyMission 360 with iOS, and moving it from device to device, and solving your pairing problems.


Oh, I should have added, because I had previously connected to the Wi-Fi on this device; I didn’t need to type in the Wi-Fi password - remember the Wi-Fi password on the KeyMission 360 is Nikon KeyMission and capital N as in the Nikon capital M in Mission, and capital K in the Key.

So capital N, Nikon, no spaces, capital K, KeyMission, and Mission with a capital M.

We’ll put that in the comments as well.


Thank you for joining us and follow us on YouTube; like us on Facebook, and join our “We can help!” Facebook group.


See you next time.

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