Introducing the Nikon D780 — the best of both worlds. DSLR and Mirrorless in one camera!

January 17, 2020

Nikon’s long awaited follow up to the hugely successful D750 is here! The D780 brings a wealth of new live view and video features that keen amateurs, wedding and event photographers will come to depend on.

Much of the DNA from the latest Z series mirrorless cameras comes to the DSLR with the new D780. A dash of D850 shows up with an updated rear LCD and a touch of D5 is added to the auto-focus engine.

Shooters that still enjoy an optical viewfinder and want to get the most out of their F mount lens collection, will find the D780 a perfect upgrade to their kit. The D780 is the no compromise DSLR they have been waiting for!

John and Elliot from michaels kick back on the sofa in front of the World Famous Camera Museum and discuss this new DSLR and who exactly it is for.

The key takeaways are:
  • Nikon is not abandoning the DSLR and is continuing with F-Mount lens development.
  • No need to fix what isn’t broken — the D780 remains very similar to the previous D750 and we expect many users will use the two bodies hand in hand. Body shape and style have not changed and resolution basically remains the same at the sweet 24MP spot.
  • Fantastic video finally comes to the Nikon DSLR. You will not be let down by this feature set which is both full frame and 4k. Face and eye tracking are here too!
  • Dual SD Card Slots — missing on the Z series and wanted by so many photographers.
  • Exceptional battery life.

We expect to see the first shipments of D780's to be available at the end of January. For a limited time you can pre-order and receive a bonus SB-5000 flash with an RRP $799 by redemption.

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