Is It Time to Consider Buying a Mirrorless Camera?

July 02, 2018

The uptake of mirrorless cameras over the last few years has been rapid to say the least. And if you're one of those interested in switching to a mirrorless camera, first consider your needs as a photographer. Mirrorless cameras have become popular with those looking for a product offering more than the features of a smartphone, but without the bulk of a DLSR. Somewhat of a happy middle ground, in the right hands, there's a mirrorless camera that'll meet just about any needs.

What’s the difference between DSLR and mirrorless?

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras share a lot of commonalities, but mirrorless’ small form factor is a strong drawcard for photographer's who often find themselves on the move. Having a compact size doesn't mean that we have to give up quality, as the sensor size is comparable to that of DSLRs. 

Lens compatibility

Another important consideration, especially for those moving from a DSLR to a mirrorless camera, is the issue of lens compatibility. If you already own a brand's lenses, you'll need to buy the corresponding brand's mirrorless to be able to attach them. However, several typically cheaper third party lens manufacturers, such as Sigma, Samyang and Tamron, produce lenses for a range of camera mounts, plus you can also use adapters to link previously incompatible lenses with a camera of your choice.

Like most technology, the specific features included depend largely on your budget and the brand you buy from. As the mirrorless form factor has matured, things like autofocus and video quality are essentially the same as DSLRs, but battery life remains an issue compared to the mirrorless' larger counterpart. Accessories are also common for mirrorless cameras, with a host of grips, flashes, carry case, filters and more available.

Now several years into the compact form factors lifecycle, mirrorless cameras represent a genuine alternative to DLSRs and other photography products on the market. Think carefully about what your needs are, because it could be time to make the switch.

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