Keep Condensation At Bay

June 07, 2018

Condensation can be an issue any time you bring your valuable camera and electronics from a cold environment in to a warmer environment.

This could be : 

  • From a very cold outdoor environment back into a warmer environment such as a car, your home, or your hotel.
  • From an air-conditioned hotel room into a very warm and humid tropical environment.
Condensation is the moisture that is created when cold and warm climates come together at the same time, and moisture invading any aspect of your camera often resulting in fogging, mildew and corrosion potentially causing heartache due to equipment failure leading to product replacement or, even worse, losing irreplaceable images.

Using a plastic bag to protect your camera is a way of battling condensation. By placing your camera inside the bag – and :
    • In a cold outdoor environment while still outside and not after entering the warmer indoors 
    In a humid outdoor environment while still inside and not after entering the humid outdoors 

    – the condensation will collect on the inside surface of the plastic bag rather than on the camera. Remove the camera from the bag when you believe that the camera temperature has equalised - ie. it is a similar temperature to the external environment.

    Try to ease into the temperature change if at all possible. We recommend placing the camera where the it will gradually warm up rather than being subject to a harsh temperature shift.

    An additional way to prevent damage from condensation is to use a Moisture Muncher drying agent. Moisture Muncher packets are conveniently small, measuring 7.6cm by 12.7 cm  with a thickness of just 6mm, and they weigh only 28 grams.

    They are very easy to use- simply place a Moisture Muncher packet inside an airtight storage case, container or resealable plastic bag along with your personal items you want to keep dry. The area inside the container will quickly become a moisture-free zone.

    Each time the container is opened, the moisture level may rise, but when closed again, the Moisture Muncher Drying Agents go to work to remove any moisture that entered the container. The more you open the container in humid environments, the harder the Moisture Muncher will work.

    Moisture Munchers are also ideal for removing moisture from the inside of underwater housings where condensation can form and ruin the electronics of your camera. Other uses include sealed cabinets where moist air can condense.

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