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Free Pro Lab Tours - Behind-The-Scenes of our State-Of-The-Art Film Processing Lab - 2 Tours - 11am & 2pm - Sat. 19th November - Limited Numbers

November 16, 2016

Get behind-the-scenes of our state-of-the-art film processing lab. This is your chance to see the darkroom and our three dip-and-dunk film processors! Carly Michael, our Imaging Services Manager, will show your where your film is processed, scanned and where your photos are printed!




michaels camera video & digital boasts Australia's most comprehensive and busy film processing lab. We host professional dip-and-dunk processors for C-41, B&W and E-6 as well as a C-41 roller transport processor used for our budget processing service.

Our range of scanners include Fuji Frontier SP-3000b's, Noritsu HS-1800, Imacon Flexlight, Flatbed Scanners, Shoebox Scanners and Slide Scanners. Our state-of-the-art photo printer produces exceptional quality archival prints and can produce rectangular, square and panoramic prints up to 12"x36"! Carly Michael, our Imaging Services Manager, will take you behind-the-scenes to the lab where magic happens - where analogue is converted to digital and digital back to analogue!



    michaels Pro Lab        
Level 2 @ michaels


2 Tours - 11am & 2pm - Sat. 19th November


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