michaels featured on Channel Ten News on Friday 14/10/16 in honour of our centenary

October 20, 2016

(Channel Ten News Presenter)
Now, not often does one family trade continuously from the same location in the
heart of Melbourne, for a century.

We’ve got some pictures here.

[Camera pans to the Michael’s Camera building on Elizabeth Street and Lonsdale
Street, then enters the store]

Thank you.

The Michael family has!

Now, this week, celebrating 100 years; the Michael’s building erected in 1916,
originally as a pawnbroker and gunsmiths; in the 60s it became a pharmacy; the
70s, a camera shop; and Michael’s is home to the world’s largest camera museum -
A Voyage Through Time.

The business is now run by a fifth generation Michael - that is their surname - so
it’s happy 100th !



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