Nikon KeyMission 170 Unboxing + Comparison To Hero 5

October 25, 2016


(John Warkentin)

John Warkentin here from the Michael’s Camera Social Media Team.


[Display of the KeyMission 170 box]


Today we’re going to open up the box on the brand new Nikon KeyMission 170.

Now if you were watching our channel the other day, we had the KeyMission 360 on display; we’ve shot some videos; we shot some stills with it, and of course, we opened the box.


[John brings the little Nikon KeyMission 360 into frame]


So let’s get right to the action here with the new KeyMission 170 Action Camera from Nikon.

I’ve not even opened the box yet, so I haven’t taken a peek inside, so it’s all new to me; just like it’ll be new to you.

So it’s a small box, it’s about 15 cm across; opens up; it’s colourful; now keep in mind, to use these cameras I’m familiar with the Snapbridge 360/170 app because of course, that’s what was required to run the panoramic camera - the KeyMission  360.


[Opens the box lid to show some documentation]


So, What have we got? We’ve got our warranty card here; we’ve got “I’m sharing my mission” Nikon card; looks like we’ve got the warranty details; okay, that’s all good; we’ve got the safety notice, ok, that’s a big fold out; ah, here we go, we’ve got the Quick Start Guide; and obviously, there are a versions of these things online as PDFs and we’ll get the link for the PDFs in the video for you; let’s open up this little cardboard tray here.


[Opens tray lid to display various compartments with items in them]


Ah, here we go! So we’ve got some interesting stuff here. It looks like this camera comes with a remote control; I’m curious as to whether this remote is going to work with the panoramic camera – I hope it does, I’ll have to check on the model numbers – oh, it’s got a little button battery there for it, okay.

This looks like a lens protector here; okay.


[Unwraps lens protector from the safety wrapping]


Yeah, that’s a lens protector; okay, that’s good.


This must be the camera! Okay, here’s a little tag here telling us about the Snapbridge app; very critical that you get the apps for these things so that you can control them from your phone.


[Unwraps the little camera from the foam safety wrapping]



Here we go.

Okay, a lot smaller than I expected. So the tripod socket, now that doesn’t look like it’s centered, but that shouldn’t be a big issue because you’re going to probably put this in a case that’s got a separate mounting point; a small LCD; we’ve got the buttons here; okay, it’s probably similar to the 360 in that there will be a still button and a movie button; we’ll have to check the manual for that.

Okay. Put that aside and see what else we’ve got.


This looks like the battery.

Ah, okay.


[Unwraps little battery from plastic cover]


Now, that’s good news; it’s the exact same battery that the panoramic camera uses; so if you get both of these cameras you can swap batteries; also means these batteries charge in-camera, so while you’re using one camera, you could be charging the battery in the body of the extra camera.



Here’s our charger.

Now, this is a North American style charger, with fold-out prongs; so it folds out like this…


[Snaps the prongs down on the charger]


And for Australian use there’s an adapter that’s provided, which is here; and that snaps into place, like so.


[Snaps adapter onto battery charger unit]


However, once you snap it together, it’s hard to get apart; it’s kind of a one-shot deal.

So I’ll leave that apart for a second.


And, what else do we have?

Looks like we’ve got a… Oh, a sticky adhesive mount system here!

So this will screw into the camera; there’s an anti-twist pin on these things, which is quite nice - so this is very similar to the one for the KeyMission 360; it might even be identical for all I know; I’ll check the part number.


And it looks like we’ve got our USB cable, I’m sorry, it’s a micro USB connector on the end here.


And, what’s our last little item here?

Oh, another adhesive strip here; so there are two, I guess, replacements so that you can mount this to two separate things.


Okay, so that’s what we’ve got inside the box!


Our next order of business is comparing this to its main competition.

So, I’ve got a GoPro 5, here and let’s take a look.


[John brings a GoPro 5 camera into view]


So, physically, the Nikon KeyMission 170 is a little bit larger; to my hand, I would say it weighs a little bit less; it’s a little bit deeper; our lens protection is a little bit better, because there’s a little bit of a lens hood on it here; and if we look at the back I would get the definite impression - I can turn this one on - I think the LCD on the GoPro is a little bit larger.

However, there are a few more interface buttons on the Nikon camera.

So from a usability standpoint, without the app, the Nikon could be a bit easier; but obviously, we’ll have to do some testing first.


But there you go! That sort of shows you what we’ve got! Oh, and of course, the GoPro does not have a tripod socket built in!

Oh, it also looks like we’ve got some electrical contacts underneath here, so that is interesting - I’m not too sure what those are for, maybe there are some accessories that connect to the bottom of the camera?


All right, we’ll call it a day for that and the next time you see us we’ll probably have some sample footage from this!


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Thank you!


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