Panasonic GH5 Overview

January 04, 2017

The new Lumix GH5 is Panasonic’s most impressive hybrid mirrorless camera; delivering the perfect balance of phenomenal video technology, and high-quality stills.


To see just how impressive the new Lumix GH5 really is, let’s take a look at the key features.


Firstly, the 4K 10bit 4.2.2 30p recording mode captures over 1 billion colours, vs. the 16.7 million colours offered by other cameras.

The result is cinematic subtle gradations and far more colour information, providing a lot more editing flexibility for the serious filmmaker.

Achieving this kind of quality has traditionally meant purchasing expensive and bulky equipment; however, the GH5 achieves the same quality in a sleek, powerful package; recording directly to the SD card.

This makes the GH5 highly mobile and suitable for a range of challenging shooting conditions.

This mode can record it up to 150 megabits per second; however, Panasonic has announced a firmware update for the GH5 that will enable it to record at up to a massive 400 megabits per second, in an all Intra codec.

This firmware update is scheduled to be available later in 2017.

The GH5 is also the only camera in its class to offer amazing 4K quality, at 60 frames per second; this higher frame rate is perfect for capturing very natural motion for applications such as documentary filmmaking, and news reporting; it’s also great for creating gorgeous slow-motion footage at 4K resolution, with up to 180 frames per second, in full high-definition.


The GH5 features Panasonic’s Dual I.S.2 technology; which combines five-axis internal stabilisation, with the optical image stabilisation in selected lenses providing up to 5 stops of image stabilisation, even a telephoto focal lengths.


This allows for much slower shutter speeds, and ISO values with pin-sharp results; as well as stable handheld performance, even in the highest quality video modes.

This is a revolutionary improvement for professionals; eliminating the need to carry a tripod or Steadicam rig.


The new 20-megapixel sensor delivers incredible image quality, providing new levels of detail, outstanding low-light performance, and impressive dynamic range.


The GH5 is literally built for professionals.

It features a magnesium alloy weather-sealed construction; allowing it to perform well in any environment.


Panasonic’s heat dissipation technology means the GH5 doesn’t suffer from the overheating issues that other cameras do; and ensures it can record without time restrictions, even with the stabilisation activated, and while using the highest quality 4K video modes.

Its large capacity batteries enable hours of uninterrupted video shooting, and when paired with the optional battery grip; the battery life is doubled.

The Dual SD UHS-II card slots also provide you with the flexibility to back-up your data to the second SD card slot.

These features make the GH5 the best choice for wedding and event videographers, documentary photographers, and the filmmakers who are shooting once-in-a-lifetime events when income and reputation rely on the ability to capture the moment.


Panasonic continues to impress with 6K photo resolution.

Panasonic was the first to introduce 4K photo; which enables users to pull high-quality still photos from within their videos.


Now, the GH5 introduces the evolution of this technology with 6K photo.

The GH5 can record 18-megapixel videos continuously, at 30 frames per second, with no buffer limit; enabling photographers to never miss that decisive moment.

Other important features to note are the OLED viewfinder, with 3.6 million dots; making a massive crystal clear and accurate viewfinder that works perfectly, even in bright outdoor conditions.

The bigger and sharper 3.2” articulated touchscreen monitor; the full-size HDMI output; and the Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connections for convenient remote control, and sharing with other devices.

And, like any great camera, Panasonic also offers a range of accessories to enhance your photography experience.


When paired with the XLR1 audio interface, the GH5 gains two professional-grade XLR inputs; enabling videographers to use their broadcast level microphones; it’s powered by the battery inside the GH5, and the audio is transferred, cable-free, to the video file on the SD card.

This interface unit also supports 48-volt phantom power, which provides power to condenser microphones, and also includes independent pads, low-cut filters, and gain control and each channel.

The XLR1 also has a hot shoe mount on top; enabling you to conveniently mount a microphone, wireless microphone receiver, or a video light.


Also available, is Panasonic’s V-log profile; which enables videographers to capture images with the same flat colour profile found in Panasonic’s Vary-Cam broadcast camera.

This profile offers exceptional flexibility, as well as a wider dynamic range for colour grading in post-production.

It increases the GH5’s dynamic range in video shooting to over 12 stops of latitude, and has similar characteristics to Cine-On; which is a characteristic curve for film digitisation; and right now, you’ll receive the V-log, valued at $149, as a bonus when you pre-order the GH5.


So there you have it! The new Lumix GH5 from Panasonic; creating a new photo culture in the digital era.


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