Save Your Photos!

December 03, 2018

Our wedding. Our first baby. Our daughter’s graduation day - in life there are moments so valuable that we can’t even bear the thought of losing them. Yet, in today's digital age this is exactly what we are setting ourselves up to do. For most people, the last time they printed photos was when they last processed a roll of film. 
Ironically, today, we are taking more photos each day than were taken in the entire history of photography. The problem is that these files are destined to stay locked up in our digital devices, dispersed between hard drives, cloud accounts and old phones buried in drawers. 


Earlier this year, Carly Michael, our Education & Imaging Manager, presented a Lunchtime Seminar about Saving Your Photos. She discussed the importance of printing your photos to safeguard against the 'Digital Dark Age' - the period of time in which we are currently living whereby we are taking more photos each day than were taken in the entirety of photographic history, yet due to the ephemeral nature of digital technology, we are likely to be the generation that we look back on that will have no physical record.

The lead up to the holidays is a time when we prepare to capture those new memories and to share old ones. It's a great opportunity to...

  • Back-up your phone (and all those photos)
  • Back-up your computer (and all your photos there)
  • Delete the duds
  • Print the best photos from 2018

Spending time organising and curating your photo collection allows you to be able to find your memories when you need them. What actions will you take this holiday season to ensure that your photos are safe?


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