"Surf, Marine & Landscape Photography" - Craig Parry - Sony Alpha Ambassador - Free Photo Talk 12pm Sat 8th April at Melbourne's Photo Show

March 31, 2017

Craig Parry is an international, multi award winning nature photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia. Specialising in marine and landscape photography, Craig strives to capture the world’s landscapes and oceans to share with his audience the beauty of the world.

Growing up in Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia, it was his parent’s gift of a disposable water proof camera each birthday from the age of 5 years until his first 35mm SLR at the age of 13 that set young Craig’s course. Entirely self-taught, Craig worked hard at his craft before making a life-changing decision and becoming a full-time professional photographer in 2004 – a defining moment in Craig’s life.

Craig’s stature as a photographer was indisputably confirmed with his receipt of the award ‘International Landscape Photo of the Year’ (2014) for his image Life & Death, in addition to taking out the award for ‘Underwater Photograph of the Year’ (2014) for his image Fin Swipe. Additionally acclaimed masterworks include Emergence and Surface Tension.

His work regularly sees him travelling to all corners of the globe in pursuit of new adventures and unique encounters, and he can often be found working with the likes of Discovery Channel and Travel Channel USA.


    michaels Lecture Theatre
Level 1 @ michaels

12pm - Sat. 8th April 

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