The Very Last VHS Video Players (VCRs) Are Being Manufacturered

July 24, 2016

40 years after the first VHS video cassette recorders were made, the the last known company making the them is ceasing production. according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

Declining sales, plus a difficulties in obtaining necessary parts has prompted Funai Electric to cease production of Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) . The Funai brand is  not be well-known in the West, they sold VCRs under the more familiar Sanyo brand.

JVC’s VHS configuration debuted in 1977, sparking the VHS/Betamax configuration war. VHS trumped Betamax, which debuted in 1975, thanks in large part to its embracing of the X-Rated market.

VHS ruled the home entertainment world for more than two decades.
If your family movies are in still on VHS or VHS-C tapes, the shutting down of VCR manufacture provides a real reminder that an ideal time to digitise them or transfer them to DVD before it is too late.

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