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July 04, 2019



Photography and travel go hand in hand. It’s instinctive to arrive at a new place and reach for your camera to capture the moment. Photography can help you to truly get to know a new place and get comfortable with it. Taking photos forces you to really observe your environment and become immersed in what is actually happening around you. 

To prepare yourself to get the best photos while travelling the first thing we recommend is to familiarise yourself with the location. This can begin before you leave by researching your destination and asking the answers to questions like - What are the local customs and landmarks? Are there any events happening while you are there? 

Of course, this is just the beginning because when you arrive at your destination you can truly get a feel for your surroundings. Start at landmarks, but begin to explore areas away from the tourists hotspots. Take the time to get to know the place - photography can be intimate and meditative providing a unique way to experience and explore a new location. 

Take advantage of the weather and the lighting it provides. Create moody sea shots on a cloudy day or dramatic temple shots on a bright sunny day.  Plan for golden hour - wake up early and explore, stick around until after sunset. 

Finally, make sure you are always prepared with your gear. Always carry spare batteries, memory cards or film. Carry a variety of lenses for different situations. You never know what you will encounter on your travels and you’ll only have one chance to get the perfect shot. What a disappointment it would be to miss out because of a dead battery or the wrong lens! 


Pack a lightweight tripod for low light situations and the odd selfie. Invest in a good travel bag for your camera. Chances are you will be walking a lot in your travels and you’ll be thankful when you’re carrying your gear in a bag with good back support. 


Join us for next week's Thursday Lunchtime seminar and hear our media school instructor, Chris Bowes, share his tips and tricks for getting the best photos on your travels.


Tips for Travel Photography - michaels Lunchtime Seminar

Thursday July 11, 1:10pm

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