Try Out the New Sony RX100 VI In-Store

June 08, 2018

Drop in to michaels and try out the brand new Sony RX100 VI.

We had a play with this lightweight premium compact camera this week and here's what we say:

This is the first RX100 camera I really enjoyed using. It's the only 1" sensor compact camera with the whole shebang that is truly pocket-sized. Some of my favourite major improvements to the RX series are: 

  • Sony made the viewfinder a lot easier to access by reducing the mechanics, which would make this a lot more user friendly to older customers and people with bigger hands (a major objection in the past). 
  • The screen seems to be brighter and more vivid than their older models and that would build confidence in people who are not interested in 'dynamic range' and post-processing, but just want to point and shoot. 
  • The new touch screen is also handy for beginners and people who are used to shooting on a mobile phone, however, the intuitive and high speed auto-focusing is easy to pick up too. 
  • The 24-200mm zoom range is perfect for exploring further — coupled with the lightweight, compact size and selfie screen, this makes it the perfect camera for vlogging/blogging and recording your travels in high definition. 


  • The autofocus was super snappy.
  • The video, focussing and image stabilisation were pretty solid.
  • This little camera has a fantastic lens and basically all the brains of a professional level camera but can fit in your back pocket.


The Sony RX100 VI feels like a small DSLR that is not the size of a big DSLR (unlike the RX10 IV). It never fells like you are using a pocket camera if you leave it in aperture priority mode, and shooting at 24 FPS on a camera this size is just something you have to experience once in your life.


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