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Canon Lenses

Canon has been producing camera equipment since the 1930s, and it comes as no surprise that the company’s lens range is broad, with simple to sophisticated models. Canon DSLR lenses are designed for different photography needs and genres to suit any purpose and budget. 

When choosing Canon lenses, consider the primary subjects you will be photographing. While there are some general rules, the final choice is up to the photographer. For general shooting, we recommend all-round lenses. If you want to deliver impeccable quality, a prime lens is an ideal choice. 

At Michaels, primes, which have one focal length, are available in various widths and have brighter (flashing) openings, which allows you to shoot in lower light. For photographers who want to extend their skills, Canon shift or tilt lenses are the perfect options. The tilt feature allows you to capture a broad field depth while maintaining the primary subject in focus. For photographers who prefer capturing wildlife, macro lenses are ideal. If you want to control the field depth, portrait lenses or wide-angle lenses are perfect for the job. 

Canon DSLR lenses use EF-S and EF lenses, which are known for their excellent quality and weather-sealing features. You can use them interchangeably with mirrorless cameras with the help of an EF-M adapter. 

Whether photography is your hobby or your primary source of income, at Michaels you’ll find the best Canon lenses for your needs and budget. From Canon EF Zoom Lenses to Canon USM Wide Lens, Macro USM Lens, Telephoto Lens, and Wide Angle Zoom Lens, we have it all. 

Michaels is the single largest camera store in the Southern Hemisphere and a three-time winner of the “Australian Photographic Dealer of the Year” award. Check out our Canon lenses online, or visit our store to check, test, and ensure the quality of our products. 

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