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Tamron Lenses

Tamron lenses rank among the premium choices for photographers worldwide and for good reason – they are affordable and lightweight, and they have an excellent focus. While other brands with the same features and capacities are relatively more expensive, Tamron lenses are designed for the masses and are perfect for start-up photographers. 

With a broader sharpness, a larger view angle, and a higher centre, Tamron lenses are an excellent option for macro photography. The zoom capabilities are comparable to well-known brands, and they also have excellent vignetting control and low distortion rates. The company first released its camera lenses in the 1950s, and Tamron developed into today’s internationally accepted brand, designing exclusively for DSLR lenses. 

Tamron lenses weigh less than other popular lenses, which make them worthy companions for any camera model. Tamron DSLR lenses are compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Pentax cameras. Tamron lenses for full-frame digital cameras are compatible with all DSLR models. In contrast, those for APS-C models come with a smaller image circle and aren’t adaptable to full-frame cameras. 

Tamron lenses for digital cameras vary in the range of 35mm to 90mm. These lenses feature a wide aperture for excellent low-light and darkened performance. Tamron zoom lenses are perfect for everyday use, and the fast zoom model has a consistent wide aperture, guaranteeing all-around shooting performance. While most photographers agree that Tamron lenses are best for novice and start-up users, these lenses can also cater to the needs of the most skilled photographers, especially those who are into sports and wildlife photography. 

At Michaels, we can offer you the latest Tamron lenses, compatible with Nikon, Canon, and Sony at competitive prices. Our store has a price-match policy, meaning that we can match any price you’ll find online. Once our consultants confirm the price, we will match the price for the identical model. 

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