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Canon DSLR Cameras

DLSR cameras are a popular choice for their great versatility and range. They typically come with better optical viewfinders, wider lens selections, and longer battery lives than their mirrorless counterparts. Here at michaels, you can find quality Canon DSLR cameras that will suit your needs.
Let’s have a look at two of the brand’s most popular offerings.
Canon EOS 800D: Built for Beginners
If you’re new to the world of photography, the EOS 800D is an excellent beginner camera. It features a guided user interface that will help you learn the camera settings while capturing great shots. It also comes with an intuitive wireless system for convenient remote camera control and quick image sharing.
The EOS 800D uses an APS-C 24.2-megapixel sensor that captures high-quality images even in challenging conditions. Every budding photographer will also appreciate the bright optical viewfinder and 6fps continuous shooting for capturing fleeting moments.
Blurry images are a thing of the past. This model’s Dual Pixel Auto-Focus tracks moving subjects to produce crisp pictures and videos. Need to use your camera from an overhead or low-down angle? The EOS 800D’s touch screen will help you compose and capture a scene with one simple tap.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: Professional-Level Photography and Videography
If you want more features and higher image quality, the EOS EOS 5D Mark IV can satisfy any veteran photographer. It uses a Dual Pixel CMOS AF and a 30.4-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor to capture the tiniest details and tones.
The Mark IV’s high-speed, high-precision AF is not just built for making perfect stills, but also for capturing clear 4K videos. This system comes with a precise and speedy Live View shooting that provides a similar feel to viewfinder shooting AF. For showcasing or documenting specific scenes, the camera’s convenient Frame Grab function allows its users to extract individual frames from captured footage.

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