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Canon Instant Film Cameras

Canon is a well-known manufacturer in the camera and photography industries. In the vein of the Polaroid tradition of capturing and printing an image with the same device, Canon has rolled out its new line of instant-print cameras, both available with Michaels, in two different models – the slim and lightweight Canon INSPIC C and INSPIC S. 

Using a new thermal technology, each camera holds 10 sheets of Zink (i.e., zero ink) “film” that create small 2-by-3-inch photos on the sticky-backed thermal paper. The two models are very similar, but the S boasts more features.

The Canon INSPIC C versus the Canon INSPIC S

Both cameras come in a variety of colours to fit your style. The lightweight and easy-to-carry INSPIC C, at 17 0grams, is one of the smallest instant cameras currently available. The maximum printing resolution of the C is 314 x 500dpi, and the print speed is about 50 seconds.

The INSPIC S, at 188 grams, is the newest model. When using the Canon INSPIC S, the printing time is the same as the C model, but the maximum printing resolution is 314 x 600dpi, which is a tad better. This model also has Bluetooth and printer connectivity. You can change the automatic power-off setting on the INSPIC S to three minutes, five minutes, or 10 minutes, whereas the C model only has a five-minute power-off.

Both of these Canon instant-print camera options have plenty of benefits. The modern technology within the INSPIC S model can be a fantastic upgrade from the C model, but the choice of which one to purchase is up to you.

Michaels Can Help You Decide Which Model is Best for You

We can tell you about other benefits and the differences between the Canon INSPIC models. Our experienced team is working for a company that has been around for 100 years. We pride ourselves on being a multi-award-winning, top-notch photographic dealer in Australia. Our family is happy to help yours out with any questions you may have.

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